Guilds & Groups

There are many ways to get involved with ministry at St Paul's.
As a member of our community, we ask you to make use of your gifts and talents to the glory of God.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace. 1 Peter 4:10.

Anglican Women's Fellowship (AWF)

The AWF is a women's organization whose core values are enshrined in prayer and worship, mission and witness, fellowship and study, service and stewardship. We are a diverse group of dedicated women to the glory of Gods work as we are both like Martha, the one who acted and Mary, the one who listened.

We regularly meet for bible study sessions and to plan and coordinate our outreach activities. We have a role to play at our parish and the wider community.

The Mothers' Union

The Mothers' Union seeks to promote all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

The purpose of the MU is to be specifically concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life. It is open to all those who have been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and declare their support for the aim and objects of the society.

Men of St Paul's (MOSP)

This group at St Paul's is affiliated to the Church Men's Society (CMS) which is active in the greater Durban area.


Their objective is that each member come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each member is expected to share the skill, talents and spiritual gifts with other members and also with the community of St Paul's.


They also wish to be a community that supports each other in good times and bad times; and to reach out to the needy and homeless. Prayer in members' homes is also undertaken; and this is extended to other members of the congregation who need prayer.

MOSP is affiliated to the Church Men's Society (CMS) , whose rule of life is "In the power of the Holy Spirit, to pray to God every day, to be faithful communicants and by, active witness, fellowship and service to help forward the Kingdom of God."

Youth Group

We are a group of young people who come together in fellowship with Christ as our foundation. We are a multi-cultural group of young people from different walks of life and backgrounds who meet together to fellowship, evangelize, fundraise and have fun through Christ our redeemer and savior.

We wish to grow spiritually as young people and to be more visible and active in our communities through various outreach programmes and use our God given talents to the glory of God' s name. Membership is open to all young people within the youth age category.

Choir Group

The church has a rich, illustrious music tradition which dates back many years. Presently it is made up of people of all ages, as well as social and musical backgrounds. The repertoire therefore is reflective of this diversity and is indeed celebrated through music.


We strive for excellence in terms of quality of our music and singing when we lead the singing at the worship services. Our vision is to lead the congregation to a place where they feel empowered and set free by the Holy Spirit to worship God.


Music plays a vital role in the life and worship of St Paul's Anglican church, Durban. We currently function under the directorship & tutelage of Melvin Peters who is the organist and choir master.

We invite all people who have a love for singing to join us as there is certainly strengths in numbers and we continually aim to sustainably attract suitable people to ensure the perpetuation of the choir going forward.


Auditions and interviews are done by the choir master if one intends to be a member in order to gauge their capacity to fit in and comply with what is espoused.

The choir sings at the 09h15 Sunday morning mass service.

Environment Action Team

In an era of rapid climate change we need to each do what we can to make a difference to our fragile planet. This small dedicated group tries to ensure that we manage our property and buildings in an ecologically responsible way and that what we teach and preach encourages simplicity and responsible living.

Sacristy & Alter Preparation

Our group comprises of dedicated women who work sincerely for the greater good of God. We help with the work of the church through the washing of chalices, cleaning of candle stands, laundry and changing of the altar cloths according to the different church seasons.

We help in the preparation of Eucharistic elements which include the filling up of the wine, steady supply of wafers for services. We however require more volunteers to help our small group; dedicated helpers who are willing to learn and to give their time to this ministry.

Other Ministries

  • Servers: They assist in the services. They carry the cross and act as candle bearers and help with the preparations for communion.
  • Sacristans: The sacristans set up the altar vessels and clean the linen. They wash vessels, clean candle stands, change the altar cloths and ensure there is sufficient wine and wafers.
  • Readers: Reading Bible passages during services.
  • Flower Arrangers: A group of parishioners put together the flower arrangements for Sunday Services.
  • Sidespersons: The sidespeople welcome people to the services, ensure that they have seating, and facilitate the flow to receive communion.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Sunday Services 7:30am and 9:15am