Saint Paul's History

Anglican Church of Southern Africa

The parish of St Paul's falls under the Anglican Church of Southern Africa; it was established on 11 June 1849. The first proper service was held on 1 April 1855.

The bells were dedicated in 1921. The parish is located in the province of KwaZulu Natal, under the Diocese of Natal, it falls within the eThekweni Central Archdeaconry.

The church is named after St Paul, an important missionary and leader in the early church and writer of much of the New Testament. The parish building is one of the oldest in the city and has significant heritage value; it is a building that has attracted tourists over the years.

Some of the distinctive features of the church include the architectural style of the building, and various stained glass windows.

Our Humble Beginnings

The church congregation operated a canteen during the Second World War, which was used to aid visiting servicemen to Durban. Following the end of World War 11, remembrances were updated in the Warrior Chapel, and there was an installation of the marble altar from St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Schooling activities were created with Chaddington School.

St Paul's Continues to Grow

1970's -1990's

Closure of the church street outside due to traffic whereby the City Council embarked on a rebuilding program to establish walkways and a flea market. Twinning with St James Church, Dorchester , Nottingham England.

Queen Elizabeth II visited the parish and there was a plaque that was unveiled and installed to mark this event. During this year the church also celebrated its 150th birthday, there were also several special concerts and musical events that were held by the St Paul's Arts group.

Transition to Inclusivity

The 2000's

Launch of Siyanikela 2000 project which was centered on stewardship and recording 150 years of giving by the congregation. First attendance of woman priests – the pioneer at St Paul's being Revd, Judy Thurlow. and later Revd Pinky Nyoni and Revd Nompilo Dlamini.


Appointment of Father Sibisi as the first black rector at St Paul's


Archdeacon May Laban became the first black female rector.

Moving Forward

St Paul's continues to transform.

The appointment of the acclaimed and talented Melvin Peters as Musical Director; to date he still blesses us with his musical talent and ear.

Historical Walkabout Tour of St Paul's

Did you know that the first service at Saint Pual's was held on 1 April 1855?

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